Quality Policy

As HD Rubber and Metal Industry Trade and Joint Stock Company;

We take the satisfaction of our customers as the most valuable goal of our business, and we spread this awareness to all our employees and suppliers. Our goal is to be perceived as a highly competitive HD Rubber that will meet the expectations of our customers, produce quality products, have a consistent price policy.

 As a HD Rubber, which has adopted the Total Quality approach under the responsibility of all HD Kaucuk employees, we see our employees as the key to our success, and we offer our employees opportunities for continuous self-development. Our goal is to be a respected, successful and desired HD Rubber in the eyes of our employees and the society.

We see our suppliers as our business partners. Our goal is to attract our suppliers to our own level of quality and to establish long-term cooperation based on mutual benefit. We see our fund holders as the unifying and progressive power of our company. Our aim is to be perceived by our fund holders as a profitable, efficient and ever-developing HD Rubber and to give them inspiration for the new investments.

We see the competition and our competitors in the market we are in as an opportunity in order to stay dynamic and improve ourselves. Our goal is to be perceived by our competitors as a fast, competitive company whose power cannot be ignored.

With the awareness of social responsibility, we see ourselves responsible for the society and environment we live in. Our goal is to use the systems that are sensitive to the environment, necessary for the protection of the environment, and in this context it is to be perceived as an institution that establishes and takes measures, leads all the shareholders and shareholders with whom we cooperate in this direction, and contributes to the country's economy by providing continuous employment.


Environmental Policy

HD Rubber is determined to voluntarily and consciously establish and implement the environmental management system it has created in accordance with the ISO 14001 requirements.

Our main goal is to maintain our commercial and industrial existence in an environment friendly manner.

To establish, implement and follow the system that will minimize the environmental impacts in our company, starting from the supply of the raw materials of our products, at every point, up to the waste stage that can be evaluated.

Evaluating the environmental impacts in our process designs and making the necessary studies in advance to minimize the environmental impacts before implementing them.

 Focusing on technological investments that will minimize environmental impact risk analyzes in our investments as much as possible.

To make the necessary software investments to reduce the paper consumption we use in records, to reduce paper usage by 2% each year, and to prevent unnecessary printing.

To produce projects in order to benefit from the renewable energy at the maximum level and to invest as much as possible in this subject.

To prevent waste in all kinds of natural resource consumption and to ensure the participation of all our employees in this regard.

Adapting to the technological changes that will reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Preferring the vehicles with the lowest carbon emissions in a way that minimizes the tracking as much as possible in the company vehicles used and/or to be used.

Always creating and implementing the studies and the projects that will continuously increase our environmental performance.

Working to save as much as possible on kits, water, fuel and time.

To make revisions and updates to ensure the sustainability of our Environmental Policy.

It is our permanent aim to continue the environmental studies with the latest information and participation of all staffs.

We undertake to effectuate our investments without polluting the environment and to comply with the environmental legislation.

Board Of Management


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our company sees its employees as its most important value in its efforts to achieve competitive advantage and achieve its strategic goals in accordance with its main mission. It has adopted the principle of taking the necessary measures to create a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and for anyone who is in the factory site for work, job training or visit.

In order to create a healthy and safe work environment;

  • It pursues the developments related to Occupational Health and Safety, complies with the provisions of the current legislation and fulfills its contractual obligations.
  • In order to prevent injuries and health deteriorations related to its activities, it determines and analyzes the occupational health and safety risks of its activities and takes precautions to reduce the risks.
  • It carries out the necessary training and information activities so that its employees and everyone who is on the factory site for work, internship or visit purposes are aware of their individual or corporate responsibilities.
  • It continues its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It creates targets and management programs in order to continuously improve the Occupational Health and Safety System and Occupational Health and Safety performance, monitors the results, and takes the necessary preventive actions in case of deviation from the targets.
  1.  Personal Protective Equipments And Their Usage

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which must be used by all our employees for occupational safety, is provided free of charge by our company. Personal protective equipment is given to the staff in return for embezzlement. It is the duty of the relevant department manager to ensure the provision and follow-up of daily or weekly usage and the usage of Personal Protective Equipment by employees.

2. Dangerous machines and devices

Any machinery, device, etc., whose use is dangerous enough to require special training and skills. Warning signs should be placed on them. The use of dangerous machines and devices is prohibited by the staff who has not received special training or been informed. It will be ensured that the necessary procedures in these are carried out in accordance with the written instructions of specially delegated or authorized staff and by using the necessary occupational safety subsidiary equipmant or personel protective equipment.
3.  Work Accidents and First Aid
In the occupational accidents and other illness situations, the following is generally executed; The personnel who see the accident first or who are closest take the necessary protective measures at the accident scene and inform the other employees. If the person who had a work accident is well, he is immediately taken aside from the accident scene ,and if the situation is appropriate, the first aid is given by the staff in the first aid team. After that, if the condition of the casualty is good, he is taken to the nearest health institution. If the casualty is vitally injured or dead, the help is requested from the nearest healthcare organization.